Registered Name: Double Mint Yankee Magic
DOB: July 2000
Breed: American Morgan Horse
Color: Liver Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
No white markings
Height: 15.1 Hands
Jax is a wonderful horse, patient, sweet, and kind. He has the liveliness and personality of the Morgan breed and loves attention. He likes nothing more than being trading hugs with his students all day long. Jax loves children, and knows exactly when there is a beginner on his back. Jax takes good care of his riders and has taken many students on their first ever solo ride around the arena or to their first horse show. With more advanced riders, Jax does enjoy a good trot with the wind in his mane, especially on the trail. Jax has shown huntseat at countless shows and won quite a few blue pleasure ribbons. Jax has dabbled in cowboy dressage and competitive trail and likes to try his hoof at cow working. Jax’s best friend is Oscar and they can often be found itching necks in pasture together.