Katie Washington

Katie has loved horses for as long as she can remember. In middle school she started volunteering at Kelsey Creek Farm in the kickers program, which is when she knew for sure that she wanted horses to be a part of her life. Katie knew Dale as the instructor of her volunteer program but when she discovered Dale taught lessons as well Katie jumped at the chance to realize a long time dream. Katie quickly became immersed in the Western Sky lifestyle, she looked forward to her weekly lessons and to the family and friends she had at the barn. Katie began leasing a horse, an experience she found extremely rewarding. It gave her more time in the saddle and a window into horse ownership; a goal which she still hopes to achieve some day. As her skills advanced she got to participate in the development and training of a younger, greener, horse named Milton. Watching Milton learn and grow and being alongside him as he made those changes will always make him one of her favorite horses. This experience sparked a strong interest in Katie and she hopes to learn all she can about colt starting and training green horses.

Katie took a break from horses to have her first and second child but she couldn’t stay away for long. After the birth of her son she quickly got back in touch with Dale and picked up where she left off. Before long she was asked to do some coaching for WSH as well. Katie loves working with Western Sky Horsemanship because you are always learning something new, whether it is about yourself or about the horse! She loves the “family” of WSH and working with and getting to know all the students.

Katie and her husband, Roman, are parents to two wonderful children Marley and Elijah and Katie cannot wait to share her passion for horses with her kids. She is so glad to be part of the of the Western Sky family.