Our Lesson Horses

It takes a special horse to be a lesson horse with Western Sky Horsemanship. Our horses compete in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to: cowboy dressage, hunt seat, competitive trail, ranch roping and cow working events. We put a lot of time in training our horses to be responsive, sensitive, forgiving, and patient with all our students new and advanced. Our horses work hard for us and in return we give them the highest possible care and attention. We do our best to coach our students into the kind of riders we know our horses would enjoy as partners. We love and appreciate every horse but we also recognize that we may not be the right fit for all horses. We evaluate each horse’s personality, ability, and talent to be sure each horse is suited for our Western Sky Horsemanship Program.


IMG_0696            923343_557737680945294_885180186_n

Aries                                    Buccaneer




i-22NRqJg-M             #1

Domingo                                       Drifter


DSC_0086               IMG_6684

Jax                                                              Joe





DSC_4373                        IMG_4444

Oscar                                                Utah