Registered Name: Summer Indian
DOB: April 8, 2001
Breed: American Paint Horse
Color: Sorrell with roaning (white hairs mixed in)
White Markings: Blaze
Height: 16 Hands
Utah was rescued as a yearling and came to Western Sky Horsemanship as a four year old. Utah is a sensitive confident horse that can adapt to both beginner and advanced riders. Utah has competed in Cowboy Dressage, competitive trail, and hunt seat. Utah can often be found poking his big white nose out of his stall to see what’s going on in the arena. Utah loves roping, working cows, and all kinds of trail work. He loves water, puddles, ponds, lakes, rivers, the ocean, or his water buckets. You name it, he’ll splash in it! He too was also a finalist in ACTHA’s America’s Favorite Trail Horse!

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