Registered Name: Nu Bars Bacardi
DOB: 1995
Color: Line Back Dun (everyone always calls Oscar a Palomino, however his dorsal stripe and zebra striped legs register him as a dun colored horse.)
White Markings: Star (diamond shape) in the center of his forehead.
Hands: 15.2 hands
Oscar is an easy-going and good natured American Quarter Horse. He may seem more like the tortoise than the hare but don’t let his slow act fool you, Oscar was the Idaho State champion for pole bending and barrel racing! Oscar has the smoothest gaits in town and is great at liberty work. Oscar is patient and tolerant and takes very good care of his riders. He loves being groomed and pet and stretching his neck out for scratches. Oscar draws attention wherever he goes with his beautiful color and lovely natural headset. Oscar has competed in Cowboy Dressage and huntseat shows. Oscar loves moving out down the trail or after cows especially if it is alongside his best friend Jax!